DMV Fire and Flood

Water and Flood Damage

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Water Damage Remediation

Our team of trained and certified water damage technicians will arrive at your home or property in 60 minutes or less. They begin the process by assessing the water damage to your property: where, when, how, and to what extent? Each step of the process is thoroughly documented with photographs, room measurements and moisture readings of the affected area.

We utilize a state-of-the-art extraction machine, which removes more water from the carpet and pad than any other water extraction system available. In cases where the water is clean, this allows us to dry out your home WITHOUT removing the carpet and pad,enabling you to continue occupying your residence throughout the drying process.

Help getting you back on track.......

After the local PD and authorities have performed an investigation, we know you will want to get back to living your life the way it was before the incident but please DO NOT attempt to clean the crime scene on your own, nor take the risk of calling in a routine cleaning service. It might seem tempting, but there are health and safety concerns when dealing with trauma scene clean up, from the persistence of decomposition odor to the very real danger of bacteria and infectious disease spreading to your loved ones.

By calling in trained cleaners such as DMV Fire & Flood you are able to take a step back and know that your health and safety are in good hands. Our company is here to help you with all crime scene clean up and trauma scene clean up needs in a professional and timely manner 24/7 – just give us a call.


We are there when every minute counts!