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Mold Abatement

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Mold Remediation & Prevention Services

DMV Fire & Flood uses the latest equipment and methods to safely remove mold from your home or business. All of our technicians have been trained and certified (IICRC & IAQA) to efficiently and safely locate, and then mitigate mold in your home or business.

The first step is to isolate the contaminated areas to protect the unaffected areas from cross-contamination. Once this barrier has been set, and negative pressure is created inside the containment, the removal process can be undertaken. Typically, affected drywall and carpeting are removed, exposing the structure for examination. Depending on the severity of the problem, we implement a multi-faceted approach, using the proper equipment to handle every situation. From Dry-ice blasters, soda blasters, pressure-washing or simple hand sanding, we use the right tool for each unique situation. This saves time and money for our clients.


Prepping for reconstruction

Once the mold has been removed, we thoroughly HEPA vacuum and damp wipe (fungicide) all surfaces within the containment. At this point, we typically have an independent testing company come in and test both surfaces and air samples to certify that we have done our job right. After passing post-testing, we can seal the surfaces that were affected by mold. At this point your home/business is ready for reconstruction.

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