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Service Description

Biocontainment & Biosafety

With over 30 years combined experience in infection control, emergency response, disaster recovery, and restoration for clients in the Washington Metro Area, DMV Fire and Flood has assembled a Rapid Response Environmental Team (“the Team”). This specialty trained and equipped Team is dedicated to preparedness and response to any biohazard incident. We maintain a response ready plan and stocked response trailers, and can mobilize key personnel shortly after receiving a request.

We perform containment of hazardous waste for incineration followed by stages of decontamination of flights responsible for transporting patients worldwide. We have provided environmental remediation and property restoration to clients all across the Washington Metro Area.

How We Evaluate & Eliminate The Risk

The type of contamination will define how we clean and treat the affected areas, but the process will include the following steps. Speed is key in these cases. A team can be allocated to your site within an, anywhere within the Washington Metro Area following the call. Once on-site our trained operatives will firstly ensure that they themselves are fully protected wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The contaminated area will be isolated and sealed (if internal), and the bio-hazard team will remove the excess fluid and sealed in clinical waste sacks. In the case of Norovirus or Influenza we will seal off the affected area (in some cases this may be the whole building,), and install air cleansing equipment before starting the decontamination of all surfaces. Once the excess fluid is removed the area will be treated with a medical grade disinfectant which will completely eliminate the bacteria and viruses.

All cleaning materials generated will be treated as clinical waste, and as such will be sent by us for incineration at one of our suppliers plants. As licensed waste carriers DMV Fire and Flood personnel are trained to handle and dispose of the hazardous waste and, perhaps most importantly, provide you with certification we have made the area safe, and provide you with and waste transfer paperwork for your file.
Facilities managers – these documents will form an important part of any due diligence file and we are happy also to come to speak with you before any such outbreak to put together contingency plans which can also form part of your emergency planning and strategy


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